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After Modi’s overwhelming victory
Chhota Rajan becomes active

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Chhota-Rajan-lThe underworld has become more alert and active after Narendra Modi emerged victorious in the Lok Sabha election. On one hand, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has relocated to the Af-Pak border fearing a commando type operation while on the other hand Chhota Rajan is all set to become active in Mumbai. Chhota Rajan who claims be a pro-Hindu don considers Dawood Ibrahim as his arch rival. Thus the underworld too has been divided on the communal lines. There is a possibility that Mumbai might once again witness a clash between members of Chhota Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim gang.

A close aid of Chhota Rajan spoke to AV and said, “After the formation of the new government at the centre our gang will now become more active in the city. We will be targeting those gangsters who support Dawood Ibrahim in the city and assisting him for expanding his network. We want to eliminate Dawood Ibrahim as he has been responsible for killing several people belonging to our community.”

Chhota Rajan was a former key aide and lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. He parted ways with Dawood after the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts for targeting the Hindu community. A group within the D-company led by Chhota Shakeel and Sharad Shetty had started to resent the growing clout and influence of Rajan. They had started planting stories against him to Ibrahim. Rajan, increasingly became suspicious and insecure of the developments taking place within the gang and began fearing for his life. This led him to request the Indian officials to help him flee Dubai and settle down in another country under a different identity, in return for information about Ibrahim’s syndicate.
Chhota Rajan born and brought up at Mumbai’s Chembur area and joined the underworld with the assistance of his mentor Bada Rajan.

In the past an attempt was made to assassinate Chhota Rajan by the Chhota Shakeel aid of Dawood Ibrahim in Bangkok. However his efforts went in vain as Rajan managed to escape.

After the 1993 Bombay blasts Chhota Rajan became the arch rival of Dawood Ibrahim and the gang war between them had intensified.

According to a close aid of Chhota Rajan, few months ago Dawood as a part of his strategy spread rumours that Rajan has died due to heart attack for ascertaining his exact location. But later on Rajan himself called the media and confirmed that he is fine. Active members of Dawood’s gang is also evading from Mumbai after the Modi government came into power.

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