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Afternoon Voice is not just a newspaper; it is part of our family

My God, Afternoon Voice tabloid looks as though it is dressed to kill. Kudos to the tabloid for celebrating 7th anniversary. I would like to say AV is not just a newspaper; it is part of our family. The get-up is good, and the print more easily readable. The tabloid is more reader friendly, soothing to the eyes and interesting. The news is eye catching and user friendly, suitable for all ages and all classes of people. It gives excellent observations about the changing nature of the profession of journalism today. It also emphasizes with a lot of clarity the responsibility of the journalist to the society. Mahatma Gandhi who was also a journalist cautioned that “an uncontrolled pen serves but to destroy.” Jawaharlal Nehru advised: “If there is no responsibility and no obligation attached to it, freedom gradually fades away. I think this is true as it applies as much to the Press as to any other group, organization or individual. Sincerity of purpose, commitment in quest for truth, concern on the predicaments of rural masses, youth, women and national interest ought to be the principal attributes of a good journalist. Today, the presentation is an important ingredient. AV is really contemporary, elegant and its stylish look is an eye-catcher. The modular layout, the soothing colours and the changes in the editorial and op-ed pages are good.

The overall get-up and the page design are indeed elegant, stylish and contemporary. It is aesthetically very appealing. The chronicle font is soothing to the eye the whole paper blends tradition with modernity. During the journey of seven years Afternoon Voice has been transformed from a Banarasi Silk sari-clad lady into a young woman wearing modern dress. The colour palette is very trendy. The use of white space and the masthead in blue is pleasing to the eye. I have specific interest in Letters and Voices, editorial page, Career and Sci-Tech pages. My morning without Afternoon Voice is unimaginable for me. Your editorial starting with a strip on front page is really eye- catchy. AV has never played to the gallery. It is really heartening to see one newspaper in the mainstream media standing tall when all others have degenerated into yellow journalism. Long live Afternoon Voice and you are really praiseworthy for upholding the journalistic independence and excellence

I hope the tabloid will continue its style of journalism, and uphold social responsibility.

Vinod C. Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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