Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Air India hauled by rat

Air India continues to suffer because of maintenance both at the domestic and international level. The National carrier should set an example for other airways the best way of functioning on board and off board of the plane to instill confidence among the passengers. Instead, Air India is in thick of action for wrong reasons time and again. The case of London bound AI flight had to return to the city for safety as a rat was spotted on board. The pilot was forced to return after touching Tehran airspace. The Dreamliner aircraft had the bitter taste as a rat was spotted and caused confusion. In the melee the passengers were put in another aircraft to avoid further embarassment. This is not the first time such a thing is happening on board of an air plane. Air India is making news every fortnight and giving jitters in the minds of regular users of the national carrier for their international trip. In a horrifying accident, aircraft technician Ravi Subramaniam was sucked into a live engines and was torn to shreds in a freak incident. The incident will raise fresh concerns over health and safety standards across India’s transport infrastructure. Air India is facing testing time and unless some remedial measures are taken in time, the national airline will earn more bad name in the New year.

Nickhil Maniam

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