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It’s already there: What’s new in that?

Women are already using their maiden names in passport application after marriage also, then what’s new decision is for? Asked people

On Thursday government has announced that from now onwards married women can use their maiden names for applying the passport. However, many differ, shocked and put surprised expression on their faces after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement. He said, “From now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after getting marriage”. Though!  It was never been mandatory, to have a passport with maiden name or change the name after marriage.

When AV asked people about this surprised announcement which was already existing, Mrs. Shevvy Bhullar, a security analyst said, “I have already retained my maiden name in passport without changing my surname, as it matter of personal choices. I have added my husband’s name with his surname in spouse name column. I have been married for 3 years, but still appreciate our PM’s announcement.

When asked a journalist to put light on this announcement, Vipin Gaur, President of Newspaper Association of India (NAI) said, “The change of name is not mandatory, but PM only made it clear the confusion by announcing it publically. My wife never had to change her surname in passport. She still retains her maiden name (Women don’t have to take husband’s last name as a legal requirement). The only requirement is to have spouse name added for applying for minor children passport viz own kids. And there also option of gender neutrality is there. Either of the parents uses their name in it.

Prime Minister wanted women to be at the centre of the developmental schemes, Modi said his government is working in different ways to empower them through various schemes like Mudra and Ujjwala, among others.

Quoting numerous women-oriented schemes tossed by his government, the Prime Minister said the maternity leave for the women has been extended now to 26 weeks from the present 12 weeks while another scheme provides for transfer of Rs. 6,000 to women, who chose to deliver in hospitals.

“It’s a great thing PM has announced. He just makes aware and put it officially in front of the people. Passport application does not allow to be taken on maiden name for Indian married women. It is compulsory to mention spouse’s name in application,” said Sachin Vaze, former Encounter Specialist.

Nandini Sardesai, former teacher and mother of famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai said, “My daughter and daughter in law have not changed their maiden names and it’s appeared on their passports also.”

“From now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage,” Modi told a gathering of the Indian Merchants Chambers’ ladies wing over a video conferencing. The government wants the woman of the house to be the priority in all of its development schemes, he added.

On the free cooking gas distribution project launched last year under the Ujjwala scheme, PM said, “Under the LPG subsidy surrender campaign, already 1.2 crore people have voluntarily given up their benefits. The government has set a target of covering as many as 5 crore people from BPL families over the next two years. Within a year of its launch, the scheme has already benefited 2 crore women.”

Modi also said 70 per cent of the Mudra loans (aimed at small borrowers for productive purposes) borrowers are women now, which indicate the rising entrepreneurial spirit of the women.

Praising women for their entrepreneurial spirit, Modi said, “Wherever women are given an opportunity; they have proved that they are two steps ahead of the men.

“Lijjat Papad and Amul are the shining examples of what our women can do if empowered,” the prime minister pointed out.

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