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Amanda Bynes: I’m Not Crazy! I’m Gorgeous and Retired!

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AmandaWhen Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI earlier this week, many took it as a sure sign that she was about embark on another funny/sad downward spiral of drug-fueled insanity.

The fact Bynes’ parents didn’t know where she was in the days following her arrest was also not a great sign. But the surest indication of all that we’re in for another Amanda meltdown is the fact that she’s tweeting again.

Or rather, “Ashley Banks” – which is believed to be Amanda’s online alias – is tweeting again.

So how do we know Ashley is Amanda’s alter-ego? Well, as you may have guessed, she’s not that great at keeping secrets:

When TMZ tweeted recently that Bynes had been kicked out of fashion school for excessive partying and erratic behavior, “Ashley” immediately replied, “@TMZ I WAS NEVER KICKED OUT!”

Like we said, James Bond, she ain’t. But believe it or not, that’s far from the funniest Twitter gem that “Ashley” has dropped in the days since Amanda’s arrest. Some highlights:

“I’m way too gorgeous and talented to be taking verbal abuse from complete strangers.”

“Don’t let my parents lie to you or speak for me! I’m 28 years old and retired!”

“I don’t abuse drugs. I’m not crazy. I never quit school. Apparently its illegal to rake scripts from your OWN doctor!”

Obviously, Ashley Banks could be someone simply pretending to be Amanda, but if that’s the case, the person responsible does an amazing job of impersonating Amanda’s crazy talk.

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