Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Amma led by example

Jayalalithaa’s death has clearly impacted people far beyond Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu residents have lost their popular leader. In her passing away, the country has lost a veteran and distinguished leader, affectionately called ‘Amma. In her we saw the perfect blending of the strong will of an able administrator and the compassion of a philanthropist. There is a vacuum which will not be very easy to fill after Amma’s demise. She has set an example as to how to face challenges and conquer it. The former Tamil Nadu CM was a source of comfort and strength to the downtrodden with the opening of ‘Amma’ canteens and freebies like cycles, fans and mixies to the poorest of the poor. Jayalalithaa was a strong personality and a great women leader. She was a charismatic mother to millions who adored and worshipped her and are deeply saddened by her loss. Her life’s journey is a story of grit and perseverance. She was a charismatic leader who will be remembered forever as the beloved Amma by the people of Tamil Nadu. She was the most overriding political personality of Tamil Nadu in last 25 years. Tamil Nadu administration was too good if compared with other states under her tenure. Her body has gone but her deeds and achievements will ever remain. Let her soul rest in peace and she will always be remembered, prayed and saluted for her service to the society.

Vinod C. Dixit

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