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Are you dating a momma’s boy?

Women have to face huge dilemma while dating a momma’s boy. What is momma’s boy? Ask any girl and I believe every one will provide an extraordinary explanation. Well mommas’s boys are those who are always dependent on their mothers. Is that bad? Yes it is bad as such guys will always rely on their mothers to take decision in every situation. A woman would expect her man to stand up for her, prefer her to his mother and spend more time and money on her. Many times a man may make plans in accordance to his mother’s expectations which are a big turn off for his partner. These are the main issues that women who date mama’s boys face.

Well I was watching millionaire matchmaker few nights ago. Millionaire Matchmaker is a season where the host Patti Stanger is an excellent matchmaker for those millionaires who fail to find true love. Every millionaire possesses different attitude and demands from their future partner. So they are not only being offered counselling and therapy but also advice for improving their relationship.

In India we prefer matching making directly for the marriages whereas in foreign countries couples go on a date before settling down. Well what I noticed that even those millionaire firangs are looking out for a homely girl brought up from countryside. According to me, even though tattoos are not that taboo overseas and they are well accepted but sometimes it also invites troubles too. Well according to the seasons format there will bunch of girls out which the millionaire will get to pick two girls for a mini date and later chose one out of the two for a master date.

Eventually, what I saw was one of the millionaire picks two girls. One of them is covered with tattoos but holds a Master degree in Biology and another one was a fashion designer. While he was going for a mini date with the girl having tattoo he asked her to cover up all those tattoos while meeting his mother. The girl became surprised but at the same time she agreed to do so. Eventually he ended up choosing another girl instead of her. Initially I thought that these incidents only occur in India but I became disappointed after knowing that it happens overseas too. Even though I have many tattoos hopefully I never came across such guys. Finally why make such a hue and cry over tattoos?

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