Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Assam receives additional aid

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed the need for a permanent solution to the problem of floods in Assam and announced a relief package of Rs.2000 crore for North-Eastern states. It is a step in the right direction. If NDA government continues to rule after 2019 elections, the party should plan and make efforts to nationalise rivers in India, so that the shortage of water in some state and floods in some parts can be overcome in one stroke.  This measure ought to have been at an appropriate time after independence and even now it is not too late to take such a step in the best interest of the country. As the position stands by the water crisis will become worse by 2020 and it is time to have a plan to nationalise the rivers and that can see south India gets surplus water from North-eastern state if everything goes well and there won’t water dispute between states. The Prime Minister should review the flood situation and find out an amicable solution to the problem. We can stop the misery of 20 lakh flood affected people in one stroke if such a clever step is taken during the BJP rule as they have absolute majority and most of the states coming to their hands one by one.

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