Monday, June 14, 2021
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Attacks on Christians

Christians in India are frequently the victims of violent attacks, and these have increased dramatically ever since the Hindu-nationalist President Narendra Modi came into power in May 2014. Prayer meetings are often raided and Christians beaten; many rural Christians have also been expelled from their villages and refused access to the village well and pastureland; and others have been forced to convert to Hinduism, often with violence.

The Catholic-Christian community in India does not indulge in terrorism, anti-national activities, smuggling, cheating and corruption, arson looting, rioting, communal and fundamentalist activities, criminal activities, encroaching government lands to create slums and female foeticide/infanticide. They marry at a very late age and are content with one or two children. They are extremely secular and work with honesty and dedication. But in spite of being very peaceful and law-abiding citizens, they face religious discrimination and persecution by people of the majority community.

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