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Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean reveals relapse over the past year

AJ McLean, who has been vocal about his struggles with substance abuse, has revealed that suffered a relapse in the year gone by.

The 40-year-old member of Backstreet Boys said he is not ashamed of admitting the slip-up as drug and alcohol addiction is a “daily struggle”.

“You know, it’s interesting about sobriety with family and with kids you still have to put yourself first, and that’s been a real big struggle for me.

“Look, I have no shame in saying, I’ve relapsed over the past year. It’s no secret that this is a disease, and that it’s a daily struggle,” McLean told a leading magazine.

The singer-musician said due to his people-pleasing behaviour he often finds it difficult to not put the wellbeing of his loved ones before his own.

“Because in my mind, that’s what you should do, you should put family first.

“You should put your kids first. But because I’m still very codependent, I’m Mr People Pleaser and I think a lot of that comes from being a performer, and wanting to see the crowd happy, and seeing everybody around you, and loving the attention I want to make sure everyone’s cool,” he said.

McLean said one has to engage with the problem to get through “the worst days possible”.

“One of the best things I was told, from my sponsor, from my friends, is the only way around is through… But if you surround yourself with a good support group, if you go to meetings, if you talk to other addicts you have to make it a lifestyle, you truly do.”

The singer checked into rehab in 2001, 2002 and 2011 for depression and excessive alcohol consumption.

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