Monday, July 26, 2021
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Ban usage of mobile phones while driving

The practice of talking on mobile phone while driving is on rise which leads increase in cases of road accidents. It is true that there are things people do in this world that aren’t right and talking on their mobiles while driving is one of them. Vehicles can too easily become murder weapons and one can’t abide all the excuses careless drivers come up with after the fact. Driving is complex and challenging. Using a mobile phone while driving affects judgement and concentration. It has been noticed that drivers using handhelds never use their turn signals. Visual distraction is caused by the amount of time you have your eyes off the road. It is dangerous because a telephone conversation distracts from the mental concentration needed to drive safely. Even though most of the drivers realized that using mobiles is distracting, they did not think it to be as dangerous as drinking and driving. Making laws don’t get it done, there has to be a will to enforce them. It is believed that by increasing the penalties, drivers will start to take the law seriously but what we need is to make them understand how unsafe it is to use their mobile phones while driving – that should be the real motivation to stop using them.

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