Friday, July 30, 2021
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Barcelona cowardly attack

A van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas and caused over dozen deaths. Slowly and steadily terror is spreading all over the world and there is no joint effort to put a break and it is time to have a unilateral effort to curb terrorism. India suffers the most and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi always raises terrorism issue at global arena. Now, the Barcelona attack opened up the Pandora’s box about the lack of security. The terrorists pick up tourist spots as they did in Mumbai’s CST station in a murderous attack to cause maximum damage to human life and property.  This is tenth such attack in recent times and unless timely measures are taken with Indian Government’s assistance the matter will blow hot in the days to come. The Barcelona cowardly attack is an eye opener and timely measures will have to be carried out to end this menace.

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