Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Beggary Problem

Beggary is not new to India, but it is an old practice. But today beggary has turned into a profession. One can find beggars at railway stations, bus stands, near the temples and all other exciting places where people go to visit. They emit pathetically and present pathetic look. They have more than one way to entice the innocent people to get a coin or two. Although they are brawny and healthy, they don’t get ready to earn their living by involving in honest labour. The government has taken steps to ban this evil practice, but it has made no difference. No law can be effective unless it has a public support. Beggary is a blot on the face of any society and thus it should be tackled and wiped out like any other contagious disease. It is true that poverty is one of the main causes of beggary. The government should bring rehabilitation scheme for beggars. Healthy men and women should be encouraged to work. It is possible if wealthy men decide not to help the poor become beggar.

Khursheed Ahmad

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