Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Better late than never

The initiative taken by BMC in taking up city’s development plan in good earnest should be appreciated and for a change there is no opposition for such a step come in the wake of a 20 year blue print. Even though the plan is three years past its deadline, the controversial DP 2034 will be taken up and sent to the state government for its approval. The plan which was supposed to be approved in 2014 was delayed. It was once revised in April 2015 and now is expected to take shape. By allotting Rs 2,102 crore in this year’s budget to implement the Development Plan 2034, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has claimed to have integrated a blueprint with a civic budget for the first time in the country this year. The delay was caused due to various reasons beyond the control of the state and now it has been finalised. Steps must be taken to provide water supply for 24 hours in the city, better education standards, constructive health measures to upgrade hospital to control Dengue, Malaria and Swine Flu and other diseases. Affordable housing did not take up a shape despite falling real estate prices. Open spaces must be preserved in the city. Let us hope that the state government will take up the various issues concerning city.

M.R. Jayanthi

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