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Better sense of responsibility can ensure safe travelling

Unclog Mumbai is a timely step and the results are forthcoming to help the city’s traffic run smoother. Whatever steps suggested by the experts and citizen does not serve the desired purpose. Parking has become a perennial problem. And the roads having the number of potholes add to the woes takes vehicle users more time to navigate only to escape from major mishaps. People prefer to walk on the roads as the footpaths are just a showpiece and people think twice before climbing these pathways meant for pedestrians.  We throw rubbish wherever we feel like and that is causing discomfiture and more use of plastic bags cause drainage block and flooding water during rainy season. Traffic snarls are seen during the festive season and the increase in the number of vehicles on the road cause traffic disruptions during peak hours. We do not have separate cycle track so that cycles can prove handy during the busy traffic time. Unlike the US, we do not have special cycling lanes and our offices are not equipped with lockers and shower-rooms that we can freshen up after walking or cycling our way to work. Pooling of cars by using one car in a day for four persons can reduce the cost factor through petrol and.

also reduce the pollution to a great extent. The carbon footprint cause health hazards and so each and everyone should find ways and means to unclog the present situation. Proper following of signals by both vehicle owners and the pedestrians can solve major problems in controlling traffic woes. Using of foot overbridge and subways can guarantee safety on the road while crossing on focal points. Thus, following systems and procedures can make things move in a proper direction and adhere to the road discipline. 

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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