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Bhogle an astute cricket commentator

This refers to your article “Reinstate ace cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle” (April 18).  Bhogle is the best in the world and we are fortunate to have someone like him, he is well respected in Australian Media for his depth of cricket knowledge. He is an icon and is one of the most fairest and astute cricket commentators going around. He is respected world over and is held in high esteem by a huge majority. As Bhogle himself says in the story, it is the job of players to do their best with bat and ball on the field, and his task is to provide honest assessments of their performance, without fear or favour, as a commentator.  Bhogle and the IPL have become the synonymous with each other since he joined it. He is a master commentator with the minutest knowledge about playing techniques of the entire cricket playing nations as well as their players. His unceremonious ouster is outlandish and unfortunate. He was the only ‘neutral’ commentator who could be relied on giving proper analysis. Be it on the pitch or the match status, he was spot on. Blacklisting him, just because a few people don’t like his views, is barbaric. As an ardent cricket fan, the key requirement for a cricket commentator is excellent knowledge of the game and being an ex-player is only a bonus. His growing popularity perhaps made some people think that he had grown too big for his boots. But it is a loss for the cricket lovers. It’s a shame that great commentator like Bhogle is suspended out of such public sport event like IPL. The BCCI act of removing him from the commentator list is in a bad taste of the cricketing body. He should be recalled again. We will be missing the smiling Bhogle a wonderful commentator from the midst of IPL.


Vinod C. Dixit

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