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BJP betrayed voters

The saffron party has accepted the support of NCP which is known as a corrupt party to win the trust vote.

BJP-LeadThe BJP has deceived the voters of Maharashtra by accepting NCP’s support during the trust vote held in the assembly. Voters had voted for BJP-Sena in order to provide a stable government in the state. However, the party has stitched together a coalition of smaller parties and NCP’s support to win the vote of confidence. The Congress and Shiv Sena has questioned about the legitimacy of the new government as it lacks mandate. Since the confidence motion was passed with a voice vote hence both the parties has raised their objections against it. The NCP is known to be a corrupt party with many of its leaders being involved in the infamous irrigation scam.

According to political analysts, the NCP has offered an unconditional support to shield its tainted ministers who are facing charges of corruption. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier criticised the NCP and had termed it as a Nationalist Corrupt Party. The BJP’s stand of accepting supporting from a corrupt party like NCP will only send wrong message to the voters who were in favour of clean governance sans corruption.

Vaibhav Sharma a Kandivali resident said, “We had voted for the BJP for providing a stable government but the party has cheated us by accepting the support of NCP which is a corrupt party. How can we trust the NCP which might even withdraw the support to the government?”

Gaurav Kadam, a Malad resident said, “We wanted the Shiv Sena to be a part of the government but it is sitting in the opposition. Now we are worried which party will look after the interests of Marathis. BJP has shown that it can go to any extent to form the government and even ally with an opposition party.”

NCP leaders are known for creating hurdles in the functioning of the government so it might even make the BJP dance to its tunes. According to sources, the NCP might even try to blackmail the saffron party by attempting to withdraw support. Thus one can say it is bure din for voters and acche din for BJP.

Ashwin Deshpande a Kandivali resident said, “I am unhappy to notice the manner in which the trust vote was conducted. The BJP government is a minority government and is likely to collapse. The party has lost the confidence of voters.”

Both Shiv Sena and Congress have termed the development as “black day” in the history of the state. BJP has 121 MLAs and, together with NCP’s 41, has the support of 162 MLAs, 18 more than required for a majority in the House which has an effective strength of 287. The party has also claimed the support of seven Independents, three of Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi and some others from smaller parties.

Earlier in the day, BJP’s Bagde was elected as the Speaker after Vijay Auti and Varsha Gaikwad, the Sena and Congress nominees, respectively, withdrew from the race.

Former chief minister and Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan said, “This is an illegitimate government.”

While criticising the newly-elected Speaker, Haribhau K Bagde, Chavan called it a “black day for Maharashtra’s democracy.”

Shiv Sena had mentioned in its mouthpiece Saamna that the BJP will be disrespecting people’s mandate if it accepts NCP’s support. Sena also attacked the NCP by addressing it as a corrupt party.

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