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BJP leaders endorse VHP’s agenda

VHP-LeadBJP leaders have defended the issues raised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad members at the Virat Hindu Sammelan at Bandra Kurla Complex to mark the 50 years of the outfit. On this occasion, several leaders had spoken about issues like cow protection, love jihad, the Ram mandir, religious conversion and decline in the global Hindu population.

VHP member Sandhvi Rithambara had said that if Ramayan and Bhagvad Gita is taught in schools then we are termed as communal. But Madrassas teach Quran fearlessly. In Assam, Muslims neglect High Court order everyday as roads are blocked five times for Namaz but then the government is blind. She also added that restriction is imposed by police regarding when she can organise Ramayan Katha in cities but on the other hand Muslims observe namaz at 5 am in the morning but nobody raises any objections against it.

MadhavMadhav Bhandari, BJP spokesperson said, “I didn’t attend the event. There might have some logic behind the issues being raised by them. From their point of view, they must be having legitimate reasons for the issues discussed.”

GopalBJP MP Gopal Shetty said, “Definitely – Conversion should not take place. Hindus should be Hindus. Christian should be Christians and Muslims should be Muslims. Cow-slaughtering should not take place. We will take the right decision if all the issues are appropriate. Right now we have to concentrate on issues like price-rise and unemployment of youth.”

Sandhvi also added that Hindus will decide about the construction of Ram Mandir and not the court. She also added that if all Hindus carry bricks in their hand then Ram Mandir can be constructed in one hour. She had requested people to ask their daughters not to fall in trap of Muslim Love Jihads.

“If conversions are wrong, then why is no law against conversions passed in Parliament? We will not allow the conversion of Hindus,” said Togadia, with posters of the proposed Ram Temple and Lord Krishna driving Arjuna’s chariot in the background.

“The Ram Mandir will be constructed, whether anyone wants it or not,” said Togadia, while calling for stopping cow slaughter and conversions.

Abhishek Sharma, a Kandivali resident said, “Eight per cent of India’s population comprises Hindus. Let’s search for one soul who knows his/her religious ancestor! Why fight over who originated from which religion or where should he/she actually end up?”

Atul Sanghvi, a Malad resident said, “Several Hindus are dying of hunger, dowries, infanticide, murder, lack of medical aid, housing, etc. Why not save these people and stop the numbers of Hindu population from dwindling these hypoc fanatics (hypocrite fanatics). They should first remove the dust from their eyes before trying to clean others eyes. Which religion an individual follows is his/her choice and should not be enforced.”

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