Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Does BMC care for Mumbai citizens?

Free fall of an octogenarian in an open pit in Mumbai shows how BMC care for its people. It is indeed testing for road users. Usually trees used to fall on the head causing death in the busy streets. The city roads are becoming highly dangerous and become killer roads in recent times. BMC, which was lagging behind in potholes filling now finds free fall in a pit causing unnecessary tension. BMC could not help out the cause in any way as an open pit was a trap for pedestrians. Now the corporation! Corporation has started the blame game to find an escape route. BMC considers it as a freak accident and brush aside the mishap without any consideration. Lackadaisical approach of BMC is putting the people into lot of problems and there is no end to the misery. The BMC, as is customary, had only placed bamboo sticks around the pit to ward off intrepid by jay walkers and there was no sign board to caution the road users. Now BMC is trying to wrap the incident fearing public outcry. Does BMC care for Mumbai citizens?

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