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BMC: Stray cat sterilization is a difficult task for Corporation

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The city is overpopulated with stray cats. Catching them and sterilizing them has become difficult as the Cats are a very aggressive species. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has managed to find two sterilisation agencies in the past four years to help neuter the cats. Since August 2019, the BMC has sterilized 4,261 stray cats.

The proposal was made by corporator Anil Patankar who says that the cat population has gone unnoticed in the city and has risen manifolds. He says “Catching stray cats is more problematic than catching stray dogs, as they are smaller in size and can run anywhere. They can even climb trees, while there is no survey to suggest what is the cat population in the city their number has increased especially in slums, chawls and markets where fish and meat are sold ” said an officer of the BMC veterinary department.

Along with the Mumbai Veterinary College, the BMC has collaborated with In Defence of Animals, Deonar, informed Dr Kalimpasha Pathan, head of BMC’s veterinary department. “We are in the process of appointing two more agencies for the final stage,” Dr Pathan added. The BMC bears an expense of Rs 600 for the sterilisation of a male cat and Rs 800 for a female cat. There are no figures available for the number of stray cats in the city.

“After sterilisation, the female cat has to be kept under observation for seven to eight days till the wound is clear,” said a veterinary doctor, adding that there are limited places to keep the animals. He added that the civic agency is working to sort out these issues.

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