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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Brahmin Atrocities Act demand gaining momentum

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Brahmins Reservation, Brahmins, Tiwari, Mishra, Pandits, Brahmins CommunityAny casteist remarks and discrimination or humiliation on account of particular caste is condemnable. Ancient Indian society was divided into four “Varnas” according to occupations-Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. With the passage of time this division as per occupation was replaced by a similar division by birth. Brahmins got the most respectable position in society, followed by, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Thus, being Shudras became a curse and discrimination started. Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar fought against this evil. The Parliament enacted the SC-ST Atrocities Act, 1989 to prevent atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Unfortunately, superior of the earlier, the Brahmins are being marginalised.  The government and the society accept the contributions of Brahmins but they ignore them due to vote politics and baseless bias towards Brahmins. They are humiliated and mocked for being Brahmin.

It is worth mentioning that recently, the Brahman Samaj of India had approached the Supreme court seeking cancellation of certificate issued to the movie Article 15, alleging that there were objectionable dialogues spreading rumour and caste hatred in society. The Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Article 15 hit the screens on June 28.

All these lead to a section of Brahmins demanding “Brahmin Atrocities Act (BAA)” to prevent humiliation, casteist mockery, discriminations and atrocities against them like SC-ST Atrocities Act. They have launched a social media campaign for the “Brahmin Atrocities Act”. They say that Brahmins should be protected by a stringent Atrocities Law. According to this campaign, it is becoming harder to live respectfully for Brahmins in India due to the lack of mechanism, laws that can protect Brahmins from getting publicly humiliated. Miscreants easily make fun of Brahmins publicly. The demand for Brahmin Atrocities Act is gaining momentum.

As per the social petition of Pro. Kakasaheb alias Manoj Kulkarni, Solapur, Brahmins are one of the most respected communities in India. Unfortunately, the history of India shows Brahmins in negative characters due to mistakes committed by some people of the community. However, nowadays, Brahmins are really facing negativity and racism threats in India. They and their profession are shown as funny characters and negative characters in movies and social media. Many other foreign missionaries and communities are spreading hate in the minds of innocent Indians and creating social inequalities in the society. Today, the community of Brahmins has become minorities and facing huge problems in the society. As Brahmins, we demand the Supreme Court to pass “Brahmin Atrocities Act (BAA)” in which any person who targets/makes fun of Brahmins community/shows negativity towards Brahmins in movies or social media must be punished severely just like SC-ST Atrocities act. This petition had 136,352 supporters.

Rambhadranand Ji Maharaj, Shri Mahant, Panch Agni Akhada, Mumbai, told Afternoon Voice, “According to Hinduism, Brahmins are sublime and respectable. Great saint and poet Tulasi Das has written in the Ramcharitmanas-“Vipra Dhenu Sur Sant Hit Linnh Manuja Avatar”. It means, God also takes care of Brahmins first. Any injustice to Brahmins is very wrong. Everybody should avoid humiliating and hurting them. They are educated and knowledgeable but they are poor too. So, any conspiracy against them must be exposed. Brahmins should be provided every facility and right they are entitled to. Above all, any casteist remark against anybody should be treated as an atrocity. It is worst if it is against Brahmins. I support any move to enact stringent law like “Brahmin Atrocities Act” to prevent atrocities against them.”

The petition further says, Brahmins are showcased as majorities and economically strong which is absolutely wrong. Majority of the community are still below the poverty line and are facing many problems economically without any proper support from the governments, both at State level or Central level. Kapil Koranne started similar petition to PMO India and two others. He says, day by day, political as well as non-political groups/organisations are becoming aggressive and unnecessarily making Brahmins a target. The Brahmin community is non-aggressive, polite, and less in number as compared to the other communities. Thus, they are easy targets. Hence, Brahmins feel very insecure these days and need protection by some amendments dedicated to protecting them by law. Another person, Supreeth Vasishtaý also moved this campaign appealing for a stringent law for protecting Brahmins.

Chetan Rajhans, Sanatan Sanstha National spokesperson said, “There will be no social harmony if any caste is targeted. Atrocities Act protects one caste and does not protect another caste. It is inequality. It is against the Constitution of India. All castes are equal, all castes are great. They have their own contributions to the society. Either Brahmins or non-Brahmins should avoid casteist remarks. Any casteist remark is an atrocity. As far as reservation in jobs and educations are concerned the Modi government has given 10 per cent reservation for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) including Brahmins.”

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