Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Brilliant Economist taking over RBI

Nothing succeeds like success in life. Rajan’s deputy Urjit Patel will take charge as RBI Governor. After all the controversies and speculations a deserving candidate is picked up for the prized post.  More so he is having the age on his side to make sure that he handles the department for a full term of three years.  In the past we saw frequent changes and Governors coming and going and there were policy paralysis. Now a close lieutenant of Rajan is going to take over and he can ensure better things to follow. RBI as a watchdog should have a broader outlook and should enforce control over member banks in general and the Finance portfolio of the country in particular to see economic upheaval. That is where his challenges could be as great as righting the rupee. He has a marathon job to do to bring back Indian Rupee to the rails and make Indian Economy as a sustainable one under changing financial climate in the years to come. I wish him good luck through the pages of your newspaper.

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