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Capture dreams, set goals, record plans and embrace adventures

The planning diary has been designed for the executives, who wants to be sure that, above all, his plan of the month takes timely care of essential priorities on which the results of the year’s working depend. Policy decisions and plans for their implementation, plans relating to production, expansion, organisation, financing, purchasing, pricing, distribution, advertising and sales promotion.

The planning is done on priorities basis. If dates not reserved for essential priorities they are then left for top level contacts, day to day appointment and administration. Thus, the planning diary can and, in all probability, will help effect substantial earnings, otherwise lost due to postponed action during vital days or in the second or third weeks of the month caused by the pressure of the tasks on that particular day. A reminder can be placed in your mobile or personal computer to make note of it and inform and remind you on that particular day.

For a dependable plan of essential priorities and free appointment days, mark off, first of all, non available days, holidays, leave, anniversaries, conventions etc. with the aid of the forget me not labels. It will leave a clear list of actual working days for the plan of the particular month and the year round.

Life can run away with you sometimes. Where did all those months go, and why haven’t you done that thing you were meant to do last week? For the absent-minded to the compulsively over-organised, planners are there to help make the most of your days. Turning plans into action, and procrastination into productivity. Planners have to be as personal as the to-do lists, which is why we have chosen ones which allow you to plan your own layout, as well as those that have fixed layouts upon which you can organise your thoughts. What’s more, many of them can be personalised with monograms and messages.

Then there’s weight: some keep their planners on their desk, acting as their very own PA, while others carry them around like a bible, so choose accordingly. The most important thing to consider when buying a planner is: what works for you. There’s a planner layout out there that will help you to make the most of your time.

If a balance between structured, date-orientated planning and the flexibility to set your own agenda is what you are after, then this planner is for you. Running from November 2017 to February 2019, it is split clearly and precisely into months, each one set out across two pages and with lined segments for each day. It then opens out in a series of set-it-yourself, lined pages with a simple date inscribed in the corner, allowing you to use it as a diary entry, a to-do list, or something else entirely. With a new year comes a new beginning. From stylish leather diaries, to inspirational calendars, to our much-loved Sweet and Cute Diaries, there’s a diary to suit any and every style. Capture dreams, set goals, record plans and embrace adventures for a new year that’s your best one yet.

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