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Censor Board should certify films

This refers to your editorial “Censoring Udta Punjab won’t concel Truth” (June 9). Movies are the mirrors of society which is influenced by movies and films are influenced by society. Udta Punjab is not the first film that the Central Board of Film Certification has sought changes in. Films are the way that depicts any impossible events or happenings into reality. A film is a source of entertainment and should be viewed from this perspective only. There are many films where actions are made pertaining to mocking the society. A country like India must be liberal and should not hide its pseudo morality under an iron fist. Udta Punjab focuses on drug menace afflicting youth of Punjab. When what is happening in the state is a fact and is an open secret the Censor Board should have acted with wisdom. The film serves a social purpose of creating awareness on drug problem and when a movie is dealing with such a burning problem like drug addiction with specific mention of a state or community, the censor could be more vigilant and at the same time they should not curtail the freedom to express on political constraints. Was there any objections with the film Maachis that dealt with Punjab terrorism?  Is it possible to make a film without violence, vulgarity or sex?

Vinod C. Dixit

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