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Chavan’s chai pe charcha flops

chai-pe-charcha-flopsSena and BJP leaders skip the tea party organised by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and attend the Mahayuti rally at Dombivli.

BJP Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Vinod Tawde has boycotted the tea party hosted by Chief Minister for the government’s for failing to make Maharashtra toll free. Tawde who citied various reasons for his absence like the toll issue and Adarsh scam attended the Mahayuti’s rally organised at Dombivali. This only goes to Tawde was simply making excuses to skip the CM’s meet as the Mahayuti rally was his priority. The rally was attended by Vinod Tawde and leader of opposition in state assembly Eknath Khadse and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. The toll issue has become a political issue in Maharashtra as parties like MNS and Shiv Sena agitating against this issue and even asking the state government against levying toll. According to them, why should commuters pay toll when roads are poorly maintained and they also wanted the toll levying process to become transparent.

Sachin Sawant, Congress spokesperson said, “It’s the tendency of the Saffron party to not support us for good cause. The saffron parties were invited to discuss their view points’ pertaining to development. They are opposing development by skipping the rally. They have always opposed the state’s progress hence they are not emerging victorious in election.”

NCP national spokesperson, Nawab Malik said, “It’s a norm to invite political parties prior to the commencement of the Budget session. It’s is the responsibility of politicians to attend such events. By skipping the rally parties are setting a bad example which is not good for democracy. This is not the first time parties have skipped the rally.”
The Opposition is planning to corner the Congress-NCP government on various issues, including its decision not to prosecute former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan in Adarsh housing society scam, during the Budget session of the Maharashtra Legislature.

The Opposition leaders would demand a reply from Governor K Sankaranarayanan over the action taken by the state government against former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan for his alleged involvement in the multi-crore Adarsh housing society scam, Leader of Opposition in state Assembly Eknath Khadse said.

Leader of Opposition in state Assembly Eknath Khadse said, “The state government has tabled the action taken report on the Adarsh scam in the House. Therefore, now it is the property of the House. When the Governor will deliver his speech at the start of the session tomorrow we will demand what action has the government taken against Chavan.”

Stressing that the Opposition is not “weak”, he said they would “expose” the government during the session.

“We had demanded debate on various important issues and therefore, asked the government to increase the period of the session. However, they did not accept our demand. Government kept the session only for four days,” he said.

The Opposition would also seek a reply on the toll collection issue, cancellation of local bodies tax (LBT) in the state and action taken by the government against 16 tainted incumbent and former ministers, the BJP leader said.

The government has also held marathon meetings with Madhav Chitale, who is probing the Rs 70,000 crore irrigation scam in the state.

“The government has held two meetings with Chitale. Government wants to show the involvement of Opposition leaders in the irrigation scam,” Khadse alleged.

The joint press conference was also addressed by Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Vinod Tawde, who criticised the state government for not zeroing-in on the place to build the statue of Maratha warrior king Shivaji in the Arabian Sea.

“The government of Gujarat has finalised and started on with the work on statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, the Maharashtra government has still not finalised the place (to install Shivaji’s statue). We would welcome if it is the tallest statue,” Tawde said.

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