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Children have to bear the brunt of divorce-Part I

Joint custody initiation has somewhere bought hope to fathers in India. Let us discuss very simple things about joint custody and not any Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act. I mean to say let us talk about the child and not about bitter fights happening between parents.

When parents get divorced they have to face several hardships especially if it’s a female parent. Well divorce is such a phase of life where all the good memories are forgotten and bitter moments are remembered. No doubt, we remain more affected due to the bad things happening in our lives. I mean, parents got married and later they decided to separate but mistake did the child commit as he has to undergo suffering along with them? Well the child never asked his parents to get married right?

Somewhere down the line parents forget about the emotional turmoil which the child has to undergo. When we were kids the entire world revolved around our parents, mother the softest person to rely on and father to look up to.

Maximum divorce cases happen in India on account of violence, one parent is good while the other is portrayed as bad. However, child is mature enough to distinguish between good and bad hence let them take decision irrespective of their age.

In India a single parent disallows the child from meeting his other parent. He or she also doesn’t allow the child to have minor conversation. Such incidents happen due to the parent’s ego, anger and rage.

In India the law is far biased and is in favour of mother. It shuts out father from the lives of the child which proves detrimental not only to him but also to the society at large. In these cases don’t you think that both mother and father should be offered equal opportunity and responsibility to raise a child?

For instance, if a single mother has taken all steps to fulfill the needs of her child but the father remains unaware about it. Eventually, at one stage the father completely becomes a stranger with no information about his whereabouts and he remains completely disconnected with the child. The child even fails to recollect how his father looked. Thus the mother becomes a superhero for the child. When it comes to father the child will always remember the bitter fights which occurred between his parents. The child will also remember the bad qualities about his father as he has never got an opportunity to spent time with him. He remains unaware about the good qualities of his father.

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow)

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