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Children have to bear the brunt of divorce-Part II

A child ends up listening to his mother’s side of tale while she has a conversation with her friend. The mother speaks about her bad marriage, how her ex-husband ill-treated her, why she decided to leave him. She also talks about his financial problems and the hardships she had to undergo to as a single mother to raise her child. When someone inquires with the woman about how her child is coping up with the situation, we here these words which many of us might have heard before “Mere bacche ne uski ankho se dekha uska baap ne kaise apni maa ko rakha tha. Uski maa ne kitna sahan kiya hai sirf uske bacche ke liye, woh mera baccha hai”

Though mothers may be right as they have suffered immensely but what I want to say is a mother is talking about the turmoil undergone by her. The child has been witness to it so he is aware that his father was a cruel person. On the other hand, the child has never received an opportunity to bond with his father to know that they don’t misbehave with their children. Even a father too cares for his children like their mother does. The relationship is strained between parents but children have to suffer the most.

Children’s emotions are forgotten and it’s not their parent’s mistake as they had to worry about many aspects. According to me, it is also necessary to know about the child’s opinion about his estranged parent. Once a child grows up, his curiosity to meet their other parent also increases because they are aware about life. He also wants to know the reason behind his parent’s separation. However, it does not mean that he is disrespecting that parent who took care of him. In such cases most of the time relatives end up making stupid statements to the child’s parent like

“tujhe pehele hi bola tha bacche ko baap ke pass chodde, aise din nahi dekhne padte”

“Maine tere liye itna kiya, tujhe itna pyaar kiya, tujhe sab kuch diya, tho bhi tu apne baap kyu milne gaya tha?”

During such circumstances, parents once again fail to understand their child. She will not allow her child to visit her husband who had created troubles for her as she is not wrong. On the other hand, relatives also play vital roles. If relatives or friends don’t act smartly in such situation then it will only create further troubles for the mother and child. Many times relatives try to aggravate the problem.

Finally, I want to say that let that child be allowed to meet his estranged parent. Let the child understand the true character of his parents. He should be allowed to live his own life sans regrets in a simple manner.

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