Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Chilly weather in Mumbai

Mumbaikars are enjoying cool climate rather late this time and so it may extend till the end of January this year. Winter in the metropolis is enjoyable as in Delhi. But the capital is rather than chilly during this season and people will have to protect themselves with woollen clothes, whereas as in Mumbai we can manage with a fully covered shirt as evenings are much colder. Night temperature is colder and people go to sleep early and enjoy the climate by getting up late in the morning. Global warming is quoted for the change in temperature during the winter period. Navi Mumbai is colder than Mumbai and as a resident I really enjoy the cool weather with morning walk after 10 pm to warm up in the sun. Mumbai’s winter can help you to go out for outing from early morning and come back by late night. You will not sweat and it allows you to walk longer. Again, I eat much during this period as vegetables are cheap and fruits are available in plenty. By wearing a half sweater you can walk along the park or roam around within your society during night without any risk. Further, by wearing a cricket sweater I go for knocking the ball in the neighbouring ground opposite my building.  Number of youngsters join me and it is cricket lovely cricket during the cool season.

Nickhil Mani

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