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Citizens give thumbs down to demonetisation

Mumbaikars criticised the Modi government’s note ban decision on the occasion of the first anniversary of demonetisation. According to them, the government had taken the decision in haste without giving prior notice to citizens. Many of them recollected the hardships undergone by them last year after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to withdraw high value currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Citizens had to face tough time as they had to stand in queues outside banks to deposit and exchange currency notes. Many of them were struggling to find change for the newly introduced Rs 2,000 note. Some of them had to borrow money from their friends to make both ends meet. People used to visit ATMs daily to check whether money has been filled in the machine. Even Former Prime Minister and Congress leader Manmohan Singh criticised the Modi government and said that demonetisation was a monumental blunder. AV spoke to Mumbaikars to know their views about demonetisation. Here is what they had to say:

Sadik Abdul Sayyad, President of Rehmani Group, Malad said, “The Modi government had taken a wrong step to demonetise high value currency notes. The decision was taken during the wedding season. People who are earning their daily wages had to suffer the worst. Even employees were not receiving their salaries on time.”

Sandhya Wadmare, anganwadi teacher said, “I had to face immense hardships due to note ban. We were finding it difficult to pay children’s fees and buy vegetables. Modi should have carried out proper ground work before making such huge announcement. PM Modi should take decision in the interest of citizens. Many people had lost their lives while standing in queues. Black money holders never had to face any problem due to note ban.”

Nandesh Umap, singer said, “Only economists can say whether the government had taken the right decision to announce demonetisation. Many shows were cancelled as our artists were not receiving their payments on time. Nobody was organising new shows. Small artists were struggling to find work.”


Aruna Gaikwad, beautician said, “Modi government had taken the right decision to demonetise high value notes and I support them. Even though people had to face difficulties but it will benefit the Indian economy in the long run. The decision was taken in the nation’s interest.”


Pramod Salunkhe, a rickshaw driver said, “We had to stand in queues for filling fuel and during that period there was shortage of change. We are daily wage earners and had to bear the brunt of demonetisation.”


Nilesh Gavit, a pest control worker said, “My mother was ill and I was finding it difficult to buy medicines for her. At that time, I used to think whether I should take care of her or stand in queue for depositing money. Demonetisation was not a right decision.”


Abhijeet Korde, engineering student said, “The entire nation was shocked with the Modi government’s demonetisation campaign. Even opposition parties protested against the government. No political leader was standing in queue to deposit old notes, only common people had to suffer.”

Nitin Sakpal, a handicapped activist said, “We had to stand in queue outside banks for four to five hours for depositing money. Even handicapped people were not spared as they also had to stand in queue. To make matters worse the government had implemented GST which has slowed down India’s growth.”

Sunil Bansode, advocate said, “Convicts were unable to get bail due to shortage of currency notes. The government had not taken the right decision to ban high value currency notes.”

Sujatha Prashant Wasnik, housewife said, “I had to deposit all the money saved for my children’s future. The government was unable to bring black money and they had failed to take action against black money hoarders.”

S.N. Kabra, freelance writer said, “Demonetisation failed big time and the government should admit this fact on the first anniversary of the change in the colour and denomination of our currency. The intention was honourable but government agencies including bank officials let the government down as almost the entire currency got deposited with very little benefit to the economy. Rs 2000 replacing Rs 1000 came as a surprise when the intention is to curb black money.”

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