Monday, August 2, 2021
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Congress confused

National party Congress is in a confused state of mind and tug of war between old guard versus young Turks is happening again. Despite all the debacles in recent elections the old guards Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal have been nominated for Rajya Sabha seats rather than infusing young blood.  No one was ready to give a fillip to Rahul Gandhi to become the top boss under the present circumstances. Politically, Rahul’s rise to the post of the Congress president is inevitable.  Having become the Congress Vice-president at Jaipur in 2013 just before Lok Sabha elections, he has to take the top job sooner or later. But when will he do that is a question that seems to fox all Congress leaders. Days after the senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh reiterating the need for having a surgery within the party all those who must know the direction in which the party is going to move on the leadership issue stand confused. Topping the category of the confused Congress leaders are the spokespersons that to field ticklish questions from the media to answer. The old guards may feel deserted if Rahul holds the President post but change is need of the hour and the high command is gearing up for drastic changes within its ranks to see renaissance in their new set up and go all out for revamp of the party and make sure of a revival within next five years.


Subbu Jayant

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