Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Congress practising pseudo-secularism

After every session, Congress and other similar vote bank greedy parties prove strongly that they all are pseudo secular as well as pseudo tolerant. They have no pro-growth agenda at all in the national interest. They know only disruption at the cost of crores of honest taxpayers. These ‘chair hungry’ opportunist parties and their ‘leaders’ showcase their love for the Dalits, Muslims etc. with the sole antinational malicious motive to gain political mileage. But people cannot be made fool anymore. Where were these ‘tolerant’ politicians ‘secularism’ missing when Anupam Kher was denied visa by Pakistan, more than 3000 Sikhs were massacred brutally in 1984 riots and 59 weaponless Karsevaks were burnt alive in Sabarmati Express on 27 February, 2002  near Godhra railway station? What has Congress done during its more than 60 years long regime for the Kashmiri Pundits living like refugees in their own integral India? Is this Congress’s secularism? Or is it its tolerance? Their appeasing the Indian Muslims can be understood, but their appeasing Pakistani terrorists is horribly shocking. This too is sedition.

Hansraj Bhat

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