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Corruption rampant during UPA reign

The delay in decision making and the way Manmohan Singh was overshadowed by Sonia Gandhi all costs more now to the Governments. Congress led UPA government scrapped space deal that received a major blow to India and the Indian Space Research Organisation. The Department of space has lost an arbitration case in an international tribunal over its PSU Antrix Corp annulling a contract with the then UPA-2 Government. The decision to annul the deal with Devas was possibly influenced by the 2G scam, which had put the Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government on the backfoot.  The controversial Antrix-Devas deal has caught ISRO in a strange and murky orbit with shadow of doubt falling on former ISRO chief G. Madhavan Nair and three other scientists. Nair, who headed ISRO when the Devas deal was signed, was later blacklisted and even investigated for charges of corruption. Nair and the scientist were also banned from taking up government jobs. It is a matter of shame as we received a raw deal to the lethargic attitude of the corrupt Congress government allowing every scam to happen with 10 Race Course Road taking cover using a remote control.

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