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Deonar slaughter house should be transformed into Gaushala

Deonar-slaughterA campaign was organised by Suresh Chavhanke, Chairman of Sudharshan television channel and Abhay Vartak spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha to impose a ban on cow slaughter as it is considered as a sacred animal in Hindu religion. The duo also wants the Deonar slaughter house to be shut and converted into a gaushala for taking care of the cows. They had appealed to Hindus to refrain from voting for the BJP government if it fails to impose a ban on cow slaughter. According to them, the ruling party has the required numbers to pass this legislation but has not taken any positive decision. They are creating awareness among the people over various issues pertaining to promoting health and hygiene of keeping cows at home.

The cow slaughter issue has become a political matter with governments either imposing a ban while the opposition revoking it after coming to power in some states of India. Hindu outfits and saints have been fighting for a blanket ban on cow slaughter across India.

guaSuresh Chavhanke said, “After becoming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised that he will immediately impose a ban on cow slaughter as he is a Hindu leader. However, Modi is yet to fulfil the promises made by him. The sin of the number of cows being slaughtered during Modi’s reign will go into his karmic account.”
Abhay Vartak said, “Many people had lost their lives on the occasion of Gopasthami festival as the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had issued orders of lathi-charge in 1984. Mrs Gandhi was killed by her bodyguards on the same day.”

Swami Vishwasananda said, “The stitches used for performing operation are made of cow’s intestine hence cow slaughter should be banned.”

Suresh Chavhanke and Abhay Vartak are collecting the data of people having big bungalows and farm houses, where they can afford to keep a cow, most of the house owners hesitate to keep cow at their premises on account of maintenance costs.

“There are many uneducated, unemployed people in this country especially from rural India, they can be trained and deputed to these places along with the cow for maintenance” said Chavhanke.

There are many gober-gas portable plants or bio fertilizer machines, through which gas can be generated which can be used as fertilizers for gardening and farming activities. Apart from this, one can have fresh milk at home for entire family and the excess milk can be sold to neighbours.

Chavhanke and Vartak are in favour of a ban on cow-slaughter and export of beef. The duo has some plans for catering old and ailing cows. To make this event more accessible to the common citizen they are planning to start a call center 24/7 for assisting people who are fighting for this cause. They would be provided insurance, financial security and counselling. Cow breeding and related matters too would be taken care of by save-cow NG0.
The leaders of Hindu organisations sought to recall that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opposed ‘Pink Revolution’ (promotion of meat export) ahead of Lok Sabha polls 2014, but lamented that the ‘Pink Revolution’ is continuing unabated even after Mr. Modi come to power.

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