Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Do not throw caution to the wind

The much expected monsoon is expected to arrive late this year but the good news is that we will get more than average rainfall this season as per the revised monsoon forecast.  The shortfall in the last couple of years will be made up and people can breathe easy till the next monsoon season. As we lack additional resources to make up shortage if any, and it is time to have rain water harvesting assuming greater importance this time. Surplus water should not go to the drain or to the sea and steps must be taken to direct excess rain water for other purposes than drinking purpose. Overall rainfall is expected to cross the 100% mark and proper planning is the need of the hour.  Region wise details are available about the rainfall and Maharashtra will have better prospects. As Mumbai faces a ticklish situation during monsoon rains, disaster management should be in place to face any alarming situation. End of the season rainfall could be strong enough to cause floods or damage farm output. The State Government should be able to gear up relief measures reach the affected people in time and the role of BMC in this regard is rather crucial till the fag end of the monsoon season.

Nickil Mani

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