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Does ‘REGE’ expose Pradeep Sharma and Sachin Vaze?

Rege-LeadNot many films stay with you when you exit the cinema hall. Some entertain you and some make you think. The Marathi film ‘Rege’ does both. The film will entertain as well as make you cry, when you see the brutality on one innocent boy by the Mumbai Police, shown in the film. Yes, the entire film revolves around two former Mumbai Police encounter specialists Pradeep Sharma and Sachin Vaze.

Sachin-leadWhen AV contacted Sachin Vaze, who is an accused of famous Khwaja Yunus’ custodial death, about his version on the film, he defended himself and said, “Rege is a half fiction and half non-fiction. The filmmakers asked my permission to use my name in the film and I permitted them, but rest everything is fictional. They have twisted the fact for an entertainment, so we don’t have any objection to it.”

Movie has shown that Vaze instructed everyone to make sure Pradeep Sharma gets bail. When asked about this, he did not totally deny the fact and said, “Not everybody and everything. Watch the movie carefully.”

In the film, Rege’s makers have used Vaze and Sharma’s name and shown they were part of killing innocent people. “Nothing like that happened in my life as I earlier said; some parts of the film are fictional.”

When asked the question that if his image has been tarnished through the film, then why he had not objected to it, he said, “Never thought about it and how will it affect our ‘image’?

Pradeep-LeadWhen AV tried to contact Pradeep Sharma, even after several attempts, he was not available for comment.

The story of the film goes like this; Anirudhha Rege is a model student and son. The MBBS student is a topper in exams and is involved in cultural activities in college, and at home he is an obedient son whom his father treats more like a friend than son. On an invitation from his friend Pakya, Rege goes to a Janmashtami event where he happens to come across M Bhai, a local gangster. M Bhai’s persona and the power that he commands leave Rege in awe of him. Soon he is on friendly terms with M Bhai and his gang. They chill out together, spend time at Rege’s farmhouse and M Bhai even helps Rege in becoming the cultural secretary of the college. All the while you observe Rege slipping into risky territory until one evening when his life takes a hideous turn. From there on, the studious Rege gets entangled in a web of crimes, police lock-up and fear; a life that results in dire consequences. He ventures into a world where encounter specialists Pradeep Sharma and Sachin Vaze are the last people someone in his position would want to see. They say curiosity kills the cat. The phrase stands pretty true in case of Aniruddha Rege.

Entire story revolves around Encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma’s arrested along with two constables in connection with an alleged fake encounter case in 2006. The arrest comes in the wake of investigations made by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Bombay High Court into the alleged encounter of gangster Ram Narayan alias Lakhan Bhaiya on November 11, 2006 near Nana-Nani Park in suburban Versova.

According to the petitioner, Lakhan was picked up from his house by police seven hours prior to his death. His family members had then filed a complaint with police fearing that he may be killed in an encounter. They had also sent telegrams to police commissioners of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane in this connection.

The movie shows how Sachin Vaze manipulates judges and builders for Sharma’s release. How they killed all innocent links and small time criminals during this period and how they got judges transferred. The film has shown a very dirty face of these officers. It is very clearly shown that how the duo harassed and killed a medical student just to complete a century of their encounters. The film has creates ripples and irony is that, it is promoted by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief Raj Thackeray himself.

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