Don’t fall prey to cyber crimes


Increasing interest in Internet is very much intruding and the youngsters fall prey to the web world.  Even advertisements are screened in depicting youngsters showing over enthusiasm in operating his mobile continuously and frustrate the head of the family. To add to the woes even political parties are offering free Wi-Fi to appease young voters to pin their faith on select party so as to win elections with this favour.  So the online culture is groping the children to darkness. The young generation sit late hours to browse through the net and gather good as well as bad information through their search and thus losing valuable sleep in the late night hours.  At times the evil mind commits cyber crimes and the number of offence is rising as per Crime Records Bureau.

This is a very bad precedence as we expect that the young generation is the future of our country. By just gluing to the laptop or mobile, the youngsters spoil their eyesight as well. It is indeed a matter of great concern and thus we as parents should desist the youngsters from falling prey and caught in cyber crimes. By applying to technology one should not become victim of cyber crimes. One should remember that breaking the law online is a punishable offence. Mumbai police is doing yeomen service to society for preventing cyber crimes, young police officers are imparted basic and advanced training to combat such crimes of serious nature.  When you are exposed to web and in an attempt to earn easy money then you fall into the trap laid by foreign agencies involving in sending fictitious messages through e mail and to confirm the authenticity of the message, they call you over phone to convince you to part with funds as well account information. Firewalls did provide web safety and security but it is up to the individuals to take advantage of the security for the good and not to fall in the trap. It establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another network.

Credit card frauds and online threats are increasing daily and add to the mysterious phone calls trap people about lottery and make them part with huge money only to be cheated. The remote access tool is misused and in busy cities like Mumbai, the account holders who are cheated, generally failed to note the alerts received through SMS.

The details of the accounts are parted to outsiders who have criminal background and that paves the way for such a dangerous fictitious deal and that involves loss of funds withdrawn from the account without your knowledge and give rise to ticklish situation. Misuse of Password and hacking are part and parcel of the modern era.

The software used is a foolproof system and unless scope is given, the chances of cyber crime can be avoided. As an ex-banker I take all the precautions to prevent such online frauds from my accounts and keep a vigil about the transactions on a regular basis. But still there are fake mails calling for certain amount in US dollars to be remitted so as to be eligible for a huge prize money and at times fake appointment order from Coca Cola Company in UK to pay some huge amount to get the flight ticket to London, which I generally ignore. Web users should not share the 14 digit account number, Bank’s Name and the branch name, IFSC code, Pin Number etc., at any cost and avoid online payments to unknown beneficiaries. Following these steps will go a long way in giving you maximum web protection and handle things in a safe manner as a regular user.

Jayanthi Subramaniam