Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Downpour reduced air distress

Mumbai city is breathing the cleanest air on 2018, thanks to the downpour in the Commercial capital. Pollution level dips to a new low as we receive sufficient air to clear the air and to make the city cool to some extent. Suburbs received more rains than the city and it is a good news. The purification of air due to the pre-monsoon rains in the second cleanest air day since 2015. It is high time that we adopt preventive measures to do something urgently towards this direction. And this is strictly in our hands. Garbage menace is causing lots of discomfort and the accumulation is causing many health diseases to bear as well. The waste management team should work in coordination with BMC and find an amicable solution. Housing Societies should be given guidelines to act in a safe way in disposing of garbage rather than just dumping in another place. The clean air news came on the eve of World Environment Day and it is time to have greater control over air pollution. This is a typical phenomenon during monsoon when the first showers wash away pollutants and dust suspended close to the earth’s surface. Thus, downpour provided reasons for the reduced air distress in Mumbai city.

Nickhil Krishnan

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