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Educational goof ups

With academic year for students coming to a close and the aspirants for the medical, engineering and MBA courses are gearing up for seeking admission in the colleges of their choice and hence fall prey to the agents and the other middlemen helping out in the admission process in the metro cities.

Parents have their aim and aspirations for their wards to seek admission in the mainstream colleges and would like to get them admitted by hook or crook. Students looking for a bright career fall into the trap laid by the agents and other middlemen. Even ministers, MPs and MLAs try their hand for obtaining admission by paying lumpsum amount. In an anxiety to get the best education, the parents with the insistence of their children and prompted by the agents fall in the trap of the so called middlemen.

The incumbent government is trying to explore ways and means to expose the graft cases from the school and college levels and it is time to be rather careful dealing with such offers. The students were mesmerised to force for forgery and cheating cases in the build up to get admission in a good college. If the whip is cracked then they lose their admission as well and the reputation. In the process some of them lose heavy sum of money paid to bag these prestigious seats as donations or capitation fees or even by bribing the middle man.

From the caste certificate everything is available for a price and the aspirant missing that required number of marks in CAT or other entrance tests go for short cut to success. In the name of getting the priced admission, a Brahmin boy is ready to become an OBC and lose the way and is trapped red handed. The person is deprived of his admission after spending so much if the matter is exposed and a cheating and forgery case is lodged against him joining the party with the middle man in cheating the educational process. In the process he loses out the capitation fees or donations or the kickback he paid out of sheer frustration to get admitted in the reputed college.

Middle men are waiting for such hapless students to fall into the trap. And it is high time we keep away from the bad elements. In a rush of blood, the wards make the parents also a party to it and compel them to make huge payments as bribe and get into the well laid trap. If you cheat or forge education certificates and documents with regard to your caste or marks, then you will have to face the consequences as well.

The college in which the admission was sought is forced to file a FIR and the matter is reported to the police. Even a jail term is contemplated to such an offence. So extra money has to be spend as bribe to get bail. Even the illustrious career is cut short once such forgery is exposed.

In all educational goof ups carry lots of risks and the degree so obtained in such an illegal way is only a dream of the past and no useful purpose is served. Parents should not go blind as per the wishes of children and they should not become part of these blunders. Apart from monetary loss, the mental tension and agony so faced will make both the students and parents pay for indiscretion. Missing an admission by few marks and getting a seat in a different college will not matter much than landing behind bars in an anxiety to get into the mainstream of education.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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