Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Eliminate terrorism from the world

Paris has undergone a very horrific experience of mindless killing by ISIS that needs to be tackled urgently. Such incidents should be prevented. All European union countries like Turkey, Russia, USA must work in unison to finish this menance, whatever may be the cost. There is no one-upmanship between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Barack Obama has proved to be the weakest and most worthless leader the US ever had. He has been considered as the weakest of U.S Presidents by several world leaders.

Considering our preparedness, a limited conscription is a must. We can utilise the services of these agitating veterans to impart training to youth in military discipline and arms training. The meritorious candidates can then be further trained for employment in the central civil services. Our leadership must realise that we can’t seek help now. Can you expect any assistance from China and Pakistan? Therefore, the world must unite to fight terrorism.

Have you ever heard Narendra Modi ever say you get yourself trained, work hard and the nation will develop? Good days will definitely come. Human resource mobilization is the biggest challenge for us, which, neither the RSS nor the BJP is talking about.

Have you ever heard a sentence from Modi or Rajnath Singh about controlling rising population? Is it necessary to undertake any foreign visit to implement this task? Most of the artisans in the country are Muslims who are discriminated on religious grounds. Who weaves Varanasi sarees? Therefore it is necessary that we must practice religious tolerance. Follow your teachers, parents, well-wishing friends and use your common sense. How will you make in India? The products manufactured in the nation should be of better quality and cheap. Stop demanding “acche din”. Demand “acche trainers”, even if they have to be brought from Japan, Germany and Russia etc. Training must be imparted to youth so that they can acquire skills which will enable them to find employment and set up their own workshops. Do you think Sakshi Maharaj, Yogi Adityanath and Sadhvi Pragya Thakur will mend their ways and avoid making irresponsible statements? It is necessary to ignore them and concentrate on your work.

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