End of an era: Missile man A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


India’s great and noblest personality, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has gone behind the screen of the universe leaving a unique message to entire world as to how one should be living a life for the sake of fellow citizens and modest model to the entire world. He made India proud in Aero Space world competing with the so called super powers in the world.  Our country should be proud of such a great personality. Instead of declaring holidays to academic institutions, the Central Government should have instructed all the educational institutions to keep the institutions open and asked the faculty and students to involve in debates / discussions / presentations about Dr. Kalam and his achievements. That would’ve been a real tribute to a person who always loves education.

The way the birthday (September 05) of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna is celebrated as Teachers Day, the government should declare the birthday (October 15) of Dr. Abdul Kalam as ‘Technology Day’ and celebrate it with science fairs, technological discussions and debates and at the same time should not spend money lavishly on unnecessary things like tea, lunch, etc.

Dr Abdul Kalam has left a ‘Livable Planet’ behind him with exemplary devotion to science. Our country didn’t have a scientist of such high eminence as Dr Abdul Kalam as its President. Probably, it won’t have in future too. He died delivering science lectures to students of IIM, Shillong in Meghalaya. Life on earth is ephemeral. All those that are born must die one day. But Dr Abdul Kalam’s life and death teaches us unlike anyone else to cultivate scientific temper of mind and shun superstition. His science has no dogma; his religion has no superstition. He is truly a citizen of the world.

Our country needs one more Abdul Kalam in every sphere who is a true human being, simple in his lifestyle. In his own way he started a revolution, giving idea that revolution can be started without mass movements. A Messiah of God indeed!

In the words of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi: “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam enjoyed being with people; people and youngsters adored him. He loved students and spent his final moments among them.” The death of Dr. Kalam is an irreparable loss to this nation. He has left a big void hard to fill.”

 Jubel D’Cruz