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Express gratitude towards parents

This year, Parent’s Day was celebrated on July 24 with an objective to honour both the parents — i.e. the father and the mother. Parent’s Day is dedicated to parents all over the world and is an occasion to show appreciation for the commitment to strengthen the family bond and to create an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. It is the parents’ who frame their child’s/children’s personality according to their inherit strengths, talents and bequeath to them moral values and the spirit of living life wholly. Parent’s Day acknowledges the overpowering presence of parents in the lives of children. Parents are the most important people in our lives. They bring us into this beautiful world, care for us with love and provide us with
education so that we may grow up into responsible and level headed human beings. If you  feel grateful for having the best parents on earth and
want to let them know your heartfelt feelings, then Parent’s Day is the perfect time for you to convey your emotions. Writing a poem is a fantastic way to express your feelings to your parents who love you very much.

Jubel D’Cruz

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