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Fairytale triumph for Leicester

Nothing succeeds like success is true as far as sports is concerned and football is not an exception to this. The unbelievable feeling of winning will keep your tired body also come to a full vigour and make the victory celebrations more meaningful. The aim should be high to win matches and from the English Premier win Leicester should go all out to go ahead to win Europa League and then go all out to annexe the Champions League.  It was a magical moment for Claudio Ranieri to finish on the winning side after being rated 5000-1 rating for the title.  This reminds me of Indian Team’s plight in the 1983 Cricket World cup in 1983, when Team India defying the odds to win the coveted cup by defeating West Indies by 43 runs Under Kapil Dev Nikhanj. Other sporting wonders include Mohammad Ali knocking down George Foreman to win back the heavyweight title in the year in 1974. The Denmark side beating Germany in the final to win the Euro 1992 made it a sporting wonder. The best of the best was the Wimbledon 1985 win of Boris Becker as a teen aged by at the age of 17 he upstaged South Africa’s Kevin Curren to win the first of his three titles at the Wimbledon.

Leicester City upset the calculations of all the football lovers and made a remarkable season after the sagging spirits saw them almost out of the reckoning last season.  Winning is a habit and the teams participating various competitions in sports should learn the art of winning.  From the jaws relegation last season and the odds totally against them for the title, Leicester city made the year 2016 with facile win and become part of the history in English premier League Championship.  To accomplish the feat the side worked hard on the field and the players worked over time to turn the tables from the last years poor showing in the league.  The credit should go to the support staff who did the spade work for this stupendous show to draw against second placed Tottenham Hotspur. It was a calculated effort and that was enough for Leicester City to seas the title after outshining some of the world’s richest teams.  The tremendous effort against Tottenham team showed the grit and determination of Leicester side and the fairytale triumph achieved in a testing time. The 22 wins in 36 outings showed the real class of the team and the players put up a stout hearted effort to make the dream of the team manager come true. There is no substitute to hard work and Leicester showed the way to a significant success.

S. Abhishek Ramaswamy

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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