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Fake degree row, It’s  BJP’s conspiracy: AAP leaders

Surender Singh says that he will produce documents to prove his educational qualification in the court.

AapIn yet another legal trouble for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the Delhi High Court recently issued a notice to MLA Surender Singh to file a response to a BJP leader’s plea seeking setting aside of his election over alleged wrong declaration of educational qualification in his nomination paper. The HC has given four weeks time to the AAP MLA from Delhi Cantt region to file his response. Tilak Manjhi Bhagalpur University had informed the court that its enquiry report concluded that the serial number of the provisional certificate in the record showed the name of some other person and not that of Tomar.

The court’s order came after BJP leader Karan Singh Tanwar filed an application, saying that Singh had provided wrong information in his election affidavit that he is a graduate from Sikkim University. BJP’s Karan Singh Tevar has already submitted a plea regarding the same in Delhi High Court. He complained that the details given by the leader in the affidavit is wrong and doubtful.

Supporting his claims, Tevar reveals, “In the affidavit it is mentioned that Surender Singh has received his degree from Sikkim University in 2012. But an RTI enquiry reply from the University states that the information is wrong.” In addition to his claims, the BJP leader has now demanded resignation from his post as AAP MLA.

Meanwhile, Surender Singh has assured to give a response to the plea in 4-week time to the court and Election Commission. Surender Singh is also an Ashoka Award recipient, who took part in Kargil war, and shot two attackers in 2008 Mumbai attacks.

When we spoke to AAP leader Rakhi Bidlan, she said, “BJP has nothing left to do, the capital is gone from their hands for the second time, and they are trying hard to deface the AAP government at every possible way. Earlier they had released my video but it backfired. Now this fake certificate issue has cropped up.”

Ravi-Shrivastava-lead“Jitender Singh Tomar’s case is already in the court and the honourable court will deliver a verdict in the case, so there is no need for anyone else to comment on it. Surender Singh case is not yet clear to us, as what is the BJP actually alleging him of, but I am sure Arvind Kejriwal will clarify his stand once the issue is clear to him” said Ravi Srivastava of AAP Mumbai.

Surendra-Singh“This is conspiracy to blame me and false allegations are made against me. What is the need to file an RTI at Sikkim University as I had studied from different university? I will be publishing all my documents online soon. I will produce all the required documents in the court so that truth will be unveiled” said Surender Singh MLA AAP.

Satish-Jain“I believe BJP is indulging in this act to tarnish AAP’s image, and all the matter pertaining to fake certification are in the court. Moreover, AAP is co-operating with the investigation and our MLAs will produce every document in support of our claim. I don’t think Arvind ji should give any further statements in this matter”, said Satish Jain AAP.

Suraj-Pandey“I am not denying the allegation at once, as I believe BJP should come out with proof about the allegations made by them. The MLAs on whom allegations are made should produce their documents in front of the people. Simply pointing fingers at someone will not work. This issue has been blown out of proportion by the media” commented a AAP supporter Suraj Kumar.

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