Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Fighting Tuberculosis

India has close to 1 lakh cases of drug-resistant Tuberculosis and most of them remain undiagnosed and untreated. Close to 100 per cent of the country is covered by DOTS but still the death rates from TB have risen over the years. India’s TB programme needs a focussed and accommodative strategy. Early and accurate culture-sensitivity based diagnosis is key to success of the TB control program. Greater awareness among the public is need of the hour on the causes and symptoms of the disease and the treatment options available in India. Even if TB drugs had hit the market 40 years ago, the disease is yet to be eradicated because patients either do not get better treatment or they take the disease lightly. Unless tuberculosis patients realise that they have to adhere to the mandatory drug regimen, they can neither be cured of the disease, nor its eradication can be achieved.

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