Friday, August 6, 2021
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Fire at military ammunition depot

A major fire broke out at the country’s largest ammunition bunker, the Army’s central Ammunition Depot (CAD) at Pulgaon in Maharashtra which has raised questions about the security aspect in defence establishments. As there was no sabotage suspected it is considered that the loopholes in fire safety measures in such sensitive places is the cause for the freak fire accident. Terrorists attack on Pathankot raised our eye brows and now a self-inflicted fire due to lack of fire safety measures claimed the lives of 20 army personnel.  At a time, when we are worried about the attack by the intruders from our line of control, such major mishaps account for more losses without any infiltration. The mid-night fire explosions send wrong signals for safeguarding the interest of arms and highly sensitive ammunition. It is time to have a damage control on all these places and timely preventive measures will have to be taken. India’s biggest ammunition and weapons used by the Indian Army from Ordinance factories will be on a precautionary mode and prevent such serious mishaps in future.


Nickhil Krishnan

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