Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Fix responsibility on Mallya

It is time to initiate judicial inquiry into the process of sanctioning loans to Vijay Mallya by the so many prestigious banks of India. Specific inquiry has to be made into the process, deviations and violations by means of omissions and commissions and was there any interference from political leaders or those in power at the given point of time. All those who stood as guarantor for Mr. Mallya are to be made a party to the loss and to the nation and possibly a case of sedition be charged against the businessman and in addition to act of waging war against the nation. As a common man and a tax payer of this great country have to avail home loan, the person is subjected and required to submit innumerable documents and income statements, despite the fact that the title deeds of the property is a genuine one and in custody of the bank. Then how did Mallya cheat my countrymen, who pay taxes towards the national development despite the system being so robust for the common man. It is time to answer these genuine questions.

C.K. Ramani

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