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Flooding during monsoon

Even though the BMC is claiming that it is prepared for monsoon, we find that the measures taken are inadequate and during heavy rains, the city is in total disarray and there is no way to come out of the high level of water stagnated in low lying areas. Nature’s fury is not in our hands and ill-prepared arrangement will land the civic body in trouble and the blame game will start soon begin.  High tide in the sea is also one of the reasons for water entering the streets already undated with rain water. Thus the rain ravaged roads in the city bring back bad memories. Unaware of the high tide and high level of water, the pedestrian may feel the pinch.

The plastic and chemical used gets stuck into the gutter and the water flow is restricted and rain water accumulates in every nook and corner endangering lives of the people. Boats should be kept ready as a precaution and effective methods will have to be followed to give the people much needed security from heavy downpour as we witnessed in the year 2005.

Anandambal Subbu

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