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Follow your conscience

Your thought-provoking and informative editorial “Don’t go against your conscience, be a human first” (March 2) reminded me the statement of Martin Luther who said, “To act against conscience is neither right nor safe.” It is clear that a conscience is a very delicate instrument that must be respected. One who seeks to influence the consciences of others carries a heavy responsibility to maintain the integrity of the other person’s own personality as crafted by God. God has given us a conscience for a reason. Dealing with a wounded conscience immediately by heart-searching prayer before God is the only way to keep it clear and sensitive. An important aspect of educating the conscience is teaching it to focus on the right object—divinely revealed truth. If our conscience looks only to personal feelings, it can accuse us wrongfully. One must remember that God gives knowledge to every man; thus, every man is responsible and accountable before God and will be judged by him. Thus, with a clear conscience, one can live in an abundance of freedom and joy.


Vinod C. Dixit

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