Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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For Farmers benefit

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It is good news for farmers in India that soon they will be able to sell directly to consumers and thereby avoid the middle man, who invariably make big profit and tax the buyers.  After prolonged delay, Maharashtra is finally set to allow its farmers to sell their produce to their preferred buyer directly in the market. Presently direct selling of all forms of the produces is strictly regulated under the APMC Act. Most of the states have taken fruits and vegetables completely out of the purview of APMC Act a few years back which have benefited consumers. Farmers in Maharashtra have been demanding decontrol of the markets since long. However, state took cognizance when Centre rejected its plans to join e-Mandi platform last month unless it decontrols the vegetable and fruit market. The government feels that the move will rationalise the prices of vegetables and fruits which often sky rocket with traders and middle man making most of it even as farmers get skewed return. It is indeed a right step in the right direction and reduces the burden of farmers as they will get attractive prices for the produce with no middle man involvement.

Calicut Ramani

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