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Fumigation to control mosquitoes

NMMC is doing yeomen service to the people of Navi Mumbai all these years.  With Dengue taking its toll on residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is fully geared up to face the situation with well planned measures. So far, it has succeeded in keeping dengue fever away from the people with timely actions.  All along we were blaming the Corporation, but the people are also equally responsible for the serious situation. In the satellite city, fumigation is done in a systematic and periodical follow-up with proper planning schedule. There is maintenance of cart about the areas to be fumigated and the date of fumigation done in that particular pockets are noted in a chronological order and area wise details are recorded. The so called grim situation is over with well-timed measures. Even Government hospitals are fully equipped with additional beds and sufficient stock of medicines to overcome a grim situation. Doctors have been kept in reserve and instructed to work extra hours in case of need to tackle influx of dengue patients. The situation has returned to normalcy and it is up to the people to follow the instructions circulated by the corporation through the fliers and the door to door inspection by officials. It has given scope for stopping dengue menace. People should see that both air-conditioners, fridge and Syntax tanks should not have stagnant water inside to provide breeding spots for mosquito. Again, E waste, dumped old vehicles and old tyres are causing the breeding spot for mosquito. Water plants inside the flat make mosquitoes grow. Thus we should have a good co-ordination to combat the problem from the grass root level. With monsoon rains expected shortly it is time to have remedial measures to keep mosquitoes away and save people from Dengue, Malaria, Swine Flu and Cholera in Navi Mumbai.


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